Gotham City Mashers

Punk Rock / Crust / NY / USA
Gotham City Mashers are a "real live bunch" formed in 2009 in Astoria, Queens by four longtime friends who wanted to make music like the bands they grew up idolizing: loud, loose and fun. "Mashing" is both a term for riding a brakeless track bike on city streets and part of the beer brewing process. Since singer Will Vallar is an avid track cyclist and bassist Tom Guinan is a skilled home brewer, the name seemed appropriate. Gotham City Mashers sounded like a gang straight out of The Warriors, the band's favorite movie. So the choice of a band logo was obvious. The band's artwork is drawn by drummer Tim Guinan. GCM attempts to combine the down-picked guitar and melodies of The Misfits and Ramones, the energy of Op Ivy, the fun of Murphy's Law, and the low riffs of Helmet and Quicksand. The band has wowed crowds at Suburbia Roller Derby and is gigging regularly in NYC. Their song "Packed" is featured on the official Warriors fan club site. Their music has been featured on the Big Enchilada podcast/KSFR 101.1FM, Santa Fe NM; Hussieskunk Radio; 40 oz. Nonsense podcast and the Reaching For Lucidity podcast. They released their first full-length album in January 2011, and just finished new material to be released soon. For more information, music, photos, or interviews contact the band at